go the Villains.....

Sweet Victory


It was the last kick in the last quarter of the last game of the season.

15 seconds left on the clock, five points behind. This kick would mean the difference between going the whole season without a win or sealing a mighty victory. The home crowd held their breath as Heardy lined up for the most important kick of his career. GOAL!!- the stand erupts with a mighty roar - it’s victory - sweet victory for the Villains by 1 point - the narrowest of margins!.

You’d have thought they’d won a premiership - the boys are delirious - a come from behind win in the dying seconds of the match - it’s what Aussie Rules is all about.

The final home match was played on a bright sunny winters Sunday. Emerald, who took the points first time round, were keen to repeat their performance on the Trevor Harrow Oval. But the Villains had other plans and with a full list, plus some extras on the bench, confidence was high for the Green and Gold.

The first quarter was a tight struggle with Emerald taking an early lead but by quarter time their lead was just 2 points

As the half time siren sounded Emerald had increased its lead to a couple of goals but it was still anyone’s game.

It was more of the same in the 3rd quarter with both sides having chances to bury their opponents but as the oranges were sucked at break Emerald still held a 15 point lead.

Coach Dean’s final address of the season was a cracker. “Boys” he said “there’s just 20 minutes left and I’m asking you for one last mighty effort. We can win this match, we’ve been nipping at their heels all day, just give it all you’ve got. All I’m asking is that you leave nothing in the tank - one last gutsy effort and we’ll beat these b****’s!”

The Villains had listened to their coach and the fight was on. With 7 minutes to go Coach Dean, leading by example, breaks free from a skirmish and snaps an inspirational goal. The boys have hit the front! But the joy is short lived as Emerald breaks from the centre bounce and put another 6 points on the board.

Dead on their feet, tanks empty, heartbreak just seconds away.

In one last mighty effort, the ball comes out of the centre, a final kick to a packed goal square - everyone flies and when they hit the ground it’s Heardy who stands tall - the man who’ll still be telling his grand kids 30 years from now that that was his finest moment.

Everyone deserves praise for their effort but special mention has to go to Lucas Russell, James Cowell, Brian Heard, Rod Groeters, Leigh Fisher and Ritchie Timms who were the best of the best on the day.

Final Scores

Marysville 8/11/59 Emerald 9/4/58

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