go the Villains.....

Villains Eat More Mud !


The week the Villains took on Croydon North on a day when even the ducks stayed home!

A classic winter’s day when if you didn’t like the weather you just had to wait 5 minutes for it to change. Bright sunny spells followed by heavy downpours. And mud… an absolute mud bath.

Despite Villains small man JC beating all comers in ruck Croydon got off to a flying start and by quarter time held a handy lead. The second quarter was more of the same with the Villains just not able to find the goals and went in to the half time break goaless!

The third quarter saw the heavens open up and the ball was as hard to hang on to as greasy pig. Still the boys fought on and still the goals eluded them. As the umpires raised the ball for the final term the Villains were now some 10 goals behind.

Facing the prospect of not troubling the goal umpire for an entire match was something that the Villains were just not going to stomach. And then in a tremendous patch of play the boys slipped, slithered and swam their way through the “mud and the blood” and kicked a magnificent goal. They then went on to repeat it for a second 6 pointer.

In summing up the match we turn to our boundary rider “Milesy”…..

“Lukey kept finding ball all day as did Fish who kept keeping all honest as runnerless Angle goaled to put ink on scoreboard late in day. Wangaween was ever-present under heat as Timms was standard procedure strong in regular 2 on 1’s in the last 500 cm all day.

Lickness Hird again flashed brilliance early and one wonders if he could pack a punch down back, if even for a cameo. The Villians back half surely plenty practiced could use the spark.

Inexplicably the last half gave fans a game to watch, albeit spasmodically, on a day played in ice cold rain, slush and stagnant soil taking all back in time –‘Windy Hill’ ‘Victoria Park’ ‘Arden Street’.

Honest football was an understatement as the Croydon veterans ‘donated’ 4 of their own to make up numbers. And they played liked full blooded Villians. No wonder this is the team Villians would choose to play any other day.

As finals hopes scattered like leaves to the wind a week or two back, it seems nobody has told the Villians, who keep on turning up and despite getting their faces rubbed in the mud.

The final score? irrelevant – they were absolutely magnificent in defeat.”

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