go the Villains.....

Sweet Victory


It was the last kick in the last quarter of the last game of the season.

15 seconds left on the clock, five points behind. This kick would mean the difference between going the whole season without a win or sealing a mighty victory. The home crowd held their breath as Heardy lined up for the most important kick of his career. GOAL!!- the stand erupts with a mighty roar - it’s victory - sweet victory for the Villains by 1 point - the narrowest of margins!.

You’d have thought they’d won a premiership - the boys are delirious - a come from behind win in the dying seconds of the match - it’s what Aussie Rules is all about.

The final home match was played on a bright sunny winters Sunday. Emerald, who took the points first time round, were keen to repeat their performance on the Trevor Harrow Oval. But the Villains had other plans and with a full list, plus some extras on the bench, confidence was high for the Green and Gold.

The first quarter was a tight struggle with Emerald taking an early lead but by quarter time their lead was just 2 points

As the half time siren sounded Emerald had increased its lead to a couple of goals but it was still anyone’s game.

It was more of the same in the 3rd quarter with both sides having chances to bury their opponents but as the oranges were sucked at break Emerald still held a 15 point lead.

Coach Dean’s final address of the season was a cracker. “Boys” he said “there’s just 20 minutes left and I’m asking you for one last mighty effort. We can win this match, we’ve been nipping at their heels all day, just give it all you’ve got. All I’m asking is that you leave nothing in the tank - one last gutsy effort and we’ll beat these b****’s!”

The Villains had listened to their coach and the fight was on. With 7 minutes to go Coach Dean, leading by example, breaks free from a skirmish and snaps an inspirational goal. The boys have hit the front! But the joy is short lived as Emerald breaks from the centre bounce and put another 6 points on the board.

Dead on their feet, tanks empty, heartbreak just seconds away.

In one last mighty effort, the ball comes out of the centre, a final kick to a packed goal square - everyone flies and when they hit the ground it’s Heardy who stands tall - the man who’ll still be telling his grand kids 30 years from now that that was his finest moment.

Everyone deserves praise for their effort but special mention has to go to Lucas Russell, James Cowell, Brian Heard, Rod Groeters, Leigh Fisher and Ritchie Timms who were the best of the best on the day.

Final Scores

Marysville 8/11/59 Emerald 9/4/58

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Villains Fail to Conquer Mt Evelyn

It was another hard day at the office for the Villains when they took on Mt Evelyn on Sunday 20th July. In short Mt Evelyn simply had too many players on the bench and had the ‘fresh leg’ advantage all day.

The boys never gave up and despite showing glimpses of sheer brilliance just couldn’t conquer the mountain slipping a few goals further behind at every change.

With one game left in the season we need all members to turn up to cheer on the boys at home on Sunday August 3 - the last chance to put 4 points on the ladder.

If you know of any extra players who might like to have a run, coach Dean Connell would be glad of the call.

Go Villains!

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Villains Eat More Mud !


The week the Villains took on Croydon North on a day when even the ducks stayed home!

A classic winter’s day when if you didn’t like the weather you just had to wait 5 minutes for it to change. Bright sunny spells followed by heavy downpours. And mud… an absolute mud bath.

Despite Villains small man JC beating all comers in ruck Croydon got off to a flying start and by quarter time held a handy lead. The second quarter was more of the same with the Villains just not able to find the goals and went in to the half time break goaless!

The third quarter saw the heavens open up and the ball was as hard to hang on to as greasy pig. Still the boys fought on and still the goals eluded them. As the umpires raised the ball for the final term the Villains were now some 10 goals behind.

Facing the prospect of not troubling the goal umpire for an entire match was something that the Villains were just not going to stomach. And then in a tremendous patch of play the boys slipped, slithered and swam their way through the “mud and the blood” and kicked a magnificent goal. They then went on to repeat it for a second 6 pointer.

In summing up the match we turn to our boundary rider “Milesy”…..

“Lukey kept finding ball all day as did Fish who kept keeping all honest as runnerless Angle goaled to put ink on scoreboard late in day. Wangaween was ever-present under heat as Timms was standard procedure strong in regular 2 on 1’s in the last 500 cm all day.

Lickness Hird again flashed brilliance early and one wonders if he could pack a punch down back, if even for a cameo. The Villians back half surely plenty practiced could use the spark.

Inexplicably the last half gave fans a game to watch, albeit spasmodically, on a day played in ice cold rain, slush and stagnant soil taking all back in time –‘Windy Hill’ ‘Victoria Park’ ‘Arden Street’.

Honest football was an understatement as the Croydon veterans ‘donated’ 4 of their own to make up numbers. And they played liked full blooded Villians. No wonder this is the team Villians would choose to play any other day.

As finals hopes scattered like leaves to the wind a week or two back, it seems nobody has told the Villians, who keep on turning up and despite getting their faces rubbed in the mud.

The final score? irrelevant – they were absolutely magnificent in defeat.”

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Upwey take the points despite strong performance from Villains

Our home match against Upwey Tecoma saw the Villains fight hard all day but in the end just couldn’t get over the line.

Spectators were treated to numerous displays of quality team play by both sides. Thanks to excellent passing by hand and foot the ball was often delivered quickly into the Villain’s forward line only to be repelled by the determined Upwey defenders.
The away side got off to a good start and held a four goal lead as the siren sounded to end the first quarter.

The second term saw the Villains fight back and win the quarter, kicking 3 goals 4 behinds to Upwey’s 2 goals 3 behinds.
With the Villains still having every chance of victory , the third quarter continued the monumental struggle. 10 minutes into the 3rd term and the Villains got to within a couple of kicks of the lead. But a few late Upwey goals took the gloss off a great effort by the “Green and Gold”.

As the final quarter got underway the Villains still had a sniff of victory and with their ’never say die’ attitude fought hard to the end.

Best players - Lucas Russell, Tony Carr, Leigh Fisher, Rod Grotaers, Brain Heard and Richie Timms with Brodie ’Biscuit’ Arnott also deserving of special mention.

The Villains next match sees us head to Croydon North on Sunday 29th June in what will be a tough encounter, but the boys are keen as mustard to take the four points.

Final Scores Marysville Villains V Upway Tecoma

Villains V Upwey 15 June 2014 20

Villains V Upwey 15 June 2014 04

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Ferocious Final Fighback But Villains Fall Short

The Villains travelled to Wandin on the first day of winter to take on the reigning premiers. Sadly it turned out to be a dismal day in more than just the weather.

The teams lined up for the official unfurling of 2013 premiership flag and the scene was set for the grand final rematch.


From the first bounce Wandin set about showing why they had finished on top of the ladder. From their supporters point of view it was pretty to watch as they slotted 7 goals to 1 in the first quarter.

In what became a master-class display by the home side, the injury plagued Villians could only manage 3 behinds in the second quarter as the relentless ‘Dogs’ piled on another 5 goals to lead by 68 points at the half time break.

Unfortunately the third quarter proved to be the best term for Wandin who kicked another 7 goals with the ‘green and gold’s score remaining stuck on 9 points.

Un-perturbed the Villians staged a valiant fightback in the final term and kicked three unanswered goals whilst holding Wandin to their lowest score of the match.

Despite what the scoreboard showed, the Villains continued their never say die attitude throughout the match.

Gutsy recruit Biscuit starred in midfield for the first half, whilst classy Fish was never out of the action constantly linking things together.

Back-line Timms and usual suspects Hume, Wangadeen and Miles were sorely tested in the face of a barrage of Wandin incursions. New boy Tony Carr showed what ‘G & D’ is all about but it was obvious the team missed ‘spiritual’ leader Matt Dean.)

Hird, after an effervescent game last week, botched a chance in front of goals ‘earlyish’ and wasn’t seen to trouble the goal umpire again. Russell and Singo fought hard all day as did Rocket. And it’s no secret that Whisper kept finding the footy - watch out for him next game.

With 7 experienced young key players out injured and 5 others having never played a full season Coach “Ankle” was nevertheless pleased at the boys fighting spirit and flashes of individual brilliance.

With 4 games to go, the Villians can still make the finals and the players are determined to give it their best shot. They think they can get there even with injury list close to the number of fit players to choose from. Alf (collar bone) Elvie (shoulder) Miles, Dean and Sharky (Knee) are all on the mend. The good news for Villains is that there were no new injuries this week

The next game is at home against Upwey on Sunday 15th June and they could do with as many as possible supporters to be there to cheer them on.

Final Score : Wandin 22/20 152 - Villains 4/4/28

Pic: “All I see is Green & Gold” says one of our loyal supporters. Click here for more photos